May 19, 2014

End chronic skin conditions with calendula flower power (cheap and easy!)

If you have ever suffered from a chronic skin problem you know how annoying, embarrassing, and even painful it can be.  I know because I suffered from psoriasis for 15 years. 

The doctors gave me powerful topical steroids to keep it under control but admitted that they couldn’t cure it. I thought it was just one of those things I would have to live with. Until I discovered the damage those steroids were doing to my liver!  I had to stop the prescription medications and tried many other lotions and creams until a friend gave me one of her homemade calendula lotion bars.  I used it daily over a couple months until it was gone and so was my psoriasis – completely gone!  And unlike in the past when it would partially come and go – it never came back. I don’t use it regularly anymore, only on occasions when my feel skin feels particularly dry.  I don’t have to because it is not keeping it under control, it is cured.  In addition my liver is now returned to a healthy state too so not only is my skin healthier but so is my whole body.

I don’t think anybody should have to suffer with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne or other conditions.  I will show you a cheap and easy solution to get off the expense prescriptions that often do more harm than good.

Follow the steps below to take control of your health with a little help from some Flower Power!

5 Steps to the End of Your Skin Problems

1) First put your dried calendula flowers into a clean, clear, glass jar which has a tight fitting lid.  You want to use dried flowers instead of fresh because the moisture in the fresh flowers can cause your finished oil to go rancid.  The jar must be clear because we want to use the power of sunlight to infuse the oil so have to let it shine through.

2) Next pour your favorite oil into the jar so that it covers the calendula by at least 1 inch, giving room for the flowers to expand.  You can use regular olive oil for this or you can also use other specialized oils depending on your primary purpose for the finished oil.  For example, Apricot oil is very gently for babies if you plan on treating diaper rash and hemp seed oil is great for serious dry, rough skin problems.

3) Stir the mixture well and seal the lid tightly. Label the jar with the date and other information you wish to remember, such as the type of oil.  Place the jar on a sunny window sill and wait four to six weeks.  Give the jar a good shake once a day while you are waiting on your infusion.

4)  After the appropriate time has passed, you want to strain the mixture.  Place cheesecloth over the top of a glass measuring cup and slowly pour the contents of the jar through the cloth.  Wrap the cheesecloth around the remaining herbs and squeeze tightly to get the last drop of goodness out.

5) Lastly, you want to pour the calendula infused oil into glass bottles for storage.  Label the bottles and keep them in a dark, cool place. How easy was that?!  The olive oil costs less than 5 bucks, the calendula costs less than 5 bucks and the glass jars and bottles are free if you recycle.  Compare that to the cost of prescription medications.

You now have a ready to go skin remedy that you can use as is when needed for less than $10 and 20 minutes.  Just rub a little bit of this oil into your problem areas and watch the miracles begin. Use it regularly for best results until the condition clears.  You also have a great starting ingredient for many other wonderful products you can create for yourself and family or as caring gifts for others. 

Want to create your own calendula oil or skin care products?  Get dried calendula flowers and more tips and recipes by clicking here.

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