April 6, 2014

Healing Hematite – What Can It Do For You?

Hematite | Healing Crystals | Gemstones
Hematite is a rather common mineral which has a number of different forms.  It can be found as masses that are reddish brown, dark-grey or silvery-grey to black.  It also takes crystal forms.   All forms of hematite will leave a dark red streak.  Naturally occurring hematite is not the same as the magnetic hematite found on the market.  The “magnetic hematite” that you may see for sale is not actually hematite at all.  Those are man-made ceramic products whose magnetic field may have its own healing properties but that it not what we are discussing here.  Naturally occurring hematite is a major iron ore which is commonly associated with the blood.

Physically hematite can help increase your blood circulation and alleviate blood disorders such as anemia. This stone has often been used to relieve leg cramps.   Hematite is also very good for realigning the spine.  It helps to keep the body cool by dispelling heat and can be used to treat fevers.  Hematite is good for creating equilibrium in the nervous system.  It improves the oxygen supply to your body.  It also provides more energy and vitality during the day which results in better sleep at night.

Hematite is a very grounding stone which will keep you connected with the earth’s energies. It will balance the flow of energy through the meridians and in turn balance your moods. Hematite is very good for dissolving negative stuck energies so they can be gently released.  This stone promotes courage and strength and provides us with the energy and endurance to do what’s needed to do.  Hematite promotes will power and allows us to overcome addictions and avoid overindulgence.  This stone is also very good for mind control; it can increase our focus and concentration while stimulating original thoughts and increasing memory functions.