April 13, 2014

Energetic Properties of Kyanite

Kyanite | Healing Crystals | Gemstones
Kyanite is a beautiful soft, sultry feeling stone with elongated fibrous or blade like crystal forms.  The most common color is blue but it also come in bright orange shades which are electrifying and greens and pinks too!  Kyanite has a widespread distribution and can be found on all continents.
Kyanite is one only two minerals that never require any cleaning or energy clearing because it is unable to absorb negative vibrations.  This is wonderful stone because it is a powerful yet gentle conductor of life energy.  It is particularly useful in meditation.  It will instantly and unconsciously align and balance all of your chakras and it will open them up to receiving energy and information if you request it. Kyanite will open up your psychic channels so that you can receive the clarity you need in any situation.  It will connect you with the dream realm to be able to solve your problems while in the dream state.  Kyanite is especially good at working with the third eye and throat chakra.  It is very helpful for communication your true and honest vision in a way that is clear and concise. Kyanite, while very calming, is also a stone of quickness as it can speed up your understanding of the connectedness of things, allow necessary communication to flow and advance the development of other ongoing processes.  When used with other stones or herbs it can assist them in fulfilling their purpose quicker.