March 23, 2014

Carnelian Cures?

Carnelian | Healing Crystals | The Ancient Sage
Carnelian is a red-orange variety of chalcedony.  It can be translucent to opaque and when held to the light often shows stripes or a cloudy distribution of color.  Carnelian also has a blue-white fluorescence.
On a physical level carnelian can be used in a solid state or as an elixir to heal cuts and wounds and to treat menstrual cramps, kidney stones and gall stones.  It can also be useful for relieving symptoms of pollen allergies and the common cold.  Carnelian is very supportive to the functioning of the pancreas, kidneys, spleen and the spine. It also helps with the absorption of vitamins. Carnelian is also a wonderful stone for those hoping to conceive who are battling infertility.
Carnelian is a wonderful stone for balancing the emotions.  It can be really helpful when dealing with traumas and reliving emotional pain, anger and confusion.  It is a warm, comforting stone that helps you to feel safe and secure.  Carnelian helps to restore confidence and self-esteem.  It is also very energizing and helps you to feel joyous, and cheerful.  It is a great stone for artists as it gives a surge to your creative energies and helps to fuel your passions.  Carnelian has powerful qualities to protect one from fear, envy, and poverty.