March 2, 2014

What are healing properties Amazonite?

Gemstone Meaning of Amazonite Crystals
Amazonite is a beautiful green microcline stone with white inclusions. It is mainly found in North America, Madagascar, Europe, and parts of Africa.  The color can vary from a light pale green to darker green but it is almost always interspersed with white.  Sometimes the surface may appear iridescent.

Amazonite can be used to help you access distant and even past life memories.  It is able to tap into ancestral energies to help you sort through pertinent information.  It can enhance psychic abilities to lead you to what you really need to know.  It will also help you to retain the information.  To access deep memories place one amazonite stone at the heart chakra and one at the base of the skull while meditating.

Amazonite also supports the throat chakra and helps one with truthful and honest communication. It is also an excellent for artists because it inspires creativity and personal expression.  Amazonite dispels irritating and negative energy and is an excellent stone to keep by your computer to absorb the electronic waves. Amazonite assists the bones and teeth to stay strong since it also helps to absorb calcium.