June 15, 2011

Spinning Your Way To a Healthier Life

I would like to share with you a little bit about the Hula-Hoop Revolution that is currently sweeping our global as well as local community.

In these fast energetic times people often find themselves too busy to find time for fitness and fun. This is how the modern hoop movement began. Fun fitness is the name of the game!  For many hooping stays just that, fun fitness, and that is wonderful! After all there aren't to many ways to burn 600 calories in 1 hr while working your core and hanging out with your children at the park...hooping is an amazing way to stay fit and energize.

For many,  hooping has become so much more...the motion, the dance that creates a Whirling Dervish like vortex has changed many lives. The dicipline of practice and dedication to that practice has turned hooping into a Self connection unlike any other. Through the hoop a different light shines, a more confident, centered, happy and healthy person is born.  It has become more than fitness it has become a lifestye! Hooping is a great way to make that Spiritual connection and build community.

Happy Hooping!

Amanda Atkinson

The Ancient Sage
Co-founder WYO Hoops For Life