May 2, 2011

Why I Love Fossils

Number one reason I love fossils is because I refuse to be either a right or a left brained person, I have both so I choose to use them both.  Fossils are both a science and an art - natures art that requires the artistic skills of a good preparator to bring out their true intrinsic beauty.  Nature is a wondrous thing.  While I can enjoy fossils just because they look so darn cool they also inspire thought.   Thoughts about time, and just how insignificant our time here on earth has been in larger picture.  You can't help but imagine what the earth or a specific location must have been like when these fossils were living.  Current deserts were once lush tropical environments or the bottom of a sea.  Change is a given, nothing lasts forever - but in the case of fossils there are some things that have lasted in some form for an awfully long time - hundreds of millions of years.  Fossils remind me to be adaptable.  As humans we tend to see ourselves at the top of the life chain.  We also thrive on challenges and competition.  I think in order to claim that "top of the life chain" title we need to stop competing with each other and see the species that have survived and adapted to life on this planet much longer than we have been here as our real competition.  We have a long way to go in the surviving and adapting arena so let's get on with it.