May 6, 2011

Rockhounding season has arrived!

Well it took long enough to get here but Spring has finally sprung!  Time to sharpen up those hammers and drag out the packs.  Rock hounding is wonderful family activity.  I know we all love our technology but it good to step away sometimes and really experience all that our wonderful earth has to offer.  It is especially good for our kids.  It is a wonderful source of exercise.  I could never force myself to step on a treadmill (boring) but I have no problem hiking up and down miles of mountains or fields or plains.  Who needs to buy weights when you can fill your pack up with rocks.  It builds strength and allows you test your limits.  I know the pack is heavy but you don't want to leave that one beauty behind do you?  No.  You fit it in and learn to carry a heavier and heavier load.  The fresh air is invigorating and good for the soul.  The potential dangers like snakes and spiders make it exciting.  The beauty of nature is immense and so varied, and we can all use a little more wonder in our lives.  Rock hounding was a really popular activity following the depression of the 30's.  No wonder, it was cheap entertainment and you might just find something really valuable.  Well here we are again and I think we are all looking for fun, economical activities to do with our family and friends.  Just remember to tread lightly and take care of our earth the way she takes care of us.  Happy hunting!